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*[[user:TheGoatMan|<span style="background:#e0a182;color:white;">-ϵ</span><span>style="color:white;background:red">( K.J )</span><span style="background:#e0a182;color:white;">϶-</span>]]
*[[user:TheGoatMan|<span style="background:#e0a182;color:white;">-ϵ</span><span style="color:white;background:red">( K.J )</span><span style="background:#e0a182;color:white;">϶-</span>]]

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Welcome to this shitplace

To get started, You can make a page about literally anything, And i mean ANYTHING (unless its some illegal shit then you are banned faggot)
vandalizing will get you in trouble so dont even get started
hope you enjoy it lol
also this wiki uses alot of CollabVM assets because whynot?
oh also, check out free vandalism wiki

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  • 29 Jan, 2020 - we have made a comeback after byethost decided to be retarded! We now host differently, rip zenko
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  • 8 Nov, 2019 - Hey you fuckingn niggers, this place is not for vandalism, go to this place instead, i fucking want to die right now, also i am ercumvios.
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