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This user is a faggot. If you see this retard in sight, please tell this user to fuck off.
Thank you for listening.
Lolcow.png This nigga loves to have his anger pushed to his limits
Feel free to troll or harass this fatass nigger


Clownirl.jpg This user vandalizes the wiki! Say fuck you to this user!
MADdotcom.png Did you get mad.com by what you read? Just play this audio recording to learn how to voice your concerns.
MADdotcom.png Zenko is
Hello.jpg this user
MADdotcom.png Are you still mad.com after playing this audio recording to learn how to voice your concerns? Listen to this
We have leaked a picture of Zenko fapping after wiping funshitposting.xyz the fuck off the face of byethost

Zenko is a retarded introverted fundamentalist furfaggot girl who resided in a fucking dump farms called Miraheze. We know she was an admin of the wikis called Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki, she not very good with dealing with users. Oh yes, she's that bad and here's why...


  1. She's a fucking introvert. Yes, that's right! She doesn't want anyone to talk to her like a adult. Seriously? How old is she? Are you that insecure or something? STOP HIDING IN YOUR FUCKING BED, DUMBASS.
  2. She hates people, literally! She doesn't trust anything but Miraheze. Not Discord, not Skype, not even Miraheze's messages!
  4. She can't stop victimizing herself. NO ONE WILL HURT YOU, NOT EVEN THIS ARTICLE.
  5. Absolutely butthurt towards TheInterneto, bitch.
  8. Also she thinks porn is bad. This means that zenko is a CUCK
  9. She cyberbullies users who like Bunga or Lion King/Guard, lmao, and she dislikes Disney for no reason except to piss of Mickey Mouse (both user and character)
  11. She is a fan of Lovely Peaches and Nicki Minaj

A tip for you if you found this article, Zenny

Get a life, stop hiding, and admit your faults to TheInterneto.

But wait! This isn't over!!!

If you look at this two archives we saved, you'll see that she didn't change and is trying to victimizing herself, again. This shit is so real that we believed she's madly in love with TheInterneto! Awesome. But sadly, the admin broke their date and banned both of there asses. Sad. UND [1]


is zenko a nigger? yes
is zenko a faggot? yes
should zenko be burned alive? yes

Her AWESOME wiki

We're too lazy to back this up. So read this article for more information.

The End of Zenny on Miraheze

Her suicide note

Shits been too late. Everyone hates her, Funshitpost Wiki stalks her, and now she tried reporting us by calling out Miraheze Meta until our god stopped her. He told her to kill herself to end her suffering. She agreed. Before committing suicide, she also saw his ex-boyfriend on Best TV Shows Wiki also committing suicide. She left her suicide note to him saying that she's sorry for everything and closed down her impostor wiki. She misses her old days as she had fun with it. Afterwards, she died.

Poor, poor... Zenkunt. Died because she ignored her arrogance and sensitivity. She died alone because she fag. Because of this, we may leave her in peace.


Post Drama on Mirahaeze

She is still butthurt as hell that he still vandalize this article. Not only that, a rumor that she made a TheTopTen page against the Outcast Netork, as well. She made an another sock account until she finally got globally banned throughout Miraheze. Why would she do that? Not sure. Her reputation got so shitty that our staunch ally, Portrock, the angry otaku, has decided to program a Zenny robot in her boyfriend's Discord server for the LOLs, which is nice of him. Who knew that a cold weeb guy could be so fucking talented. The robot was exactly similar to the real Zenny in every aspect. She raided various servers of her opponents. She threatened to cut off the genitals of her own creator whom she turned against, Portrock, and forced her precious little slave, TheInterneto to record an entire revenge porn footage of him cheating on her and mating with TheChisatoFan. Eventually she crushed Zenny's face with her ass. That's what we call professional facesittting, and summoned her ex-waifu, Fueenos to exterminate her once and for all. The Fandoms & Hatedoms database has celebrated the end of the Zenny robot and got severely intoxicated from excessive drinking during the party.

Her Dumbass Antics on ShoutWiki


Oh look, she's still alive. What a fucking surprised that Zenny is on Rotten Websites Wiki of ShoutWiki (which is, in fact, dead) complaining about Se and us to this date. Goddamn she can't move on that her shit became funny and a laughing stock. Nigga, she's such a lolcow!

She continues to berate her boyfriend, Se, calling him dog poop (like she can't fucking swear, at all) and wishing him that he should get globally blocked rather than her. Yes, she's that aware Miraheze globally blocked her and she instead puts all the blame on Se and Funshitposting Wiki. She wants us and Se to go the jail or even wants us dead! Oh wait, she admitted that she can't kill people. What a pussy she is. Thinking that she's asexual shows that she's a coward. You know what's stupid about her? She's cannot sign her name, right, in talk page. JUST USE THIS (-~~~~) 20:24, 22 January 2020 (EST))!!! THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, BITCH!!! Also, she thinks people are support her cause as "us". How retarded can she get?

In fact, Zenny invaded an even more stale wiki called CrappyUsers Wiki. There was sexually harassing her own boyfriend Se like a real bitchy ass pervy slutty whore would do. Yet she says being a pervert is motherfucking immoral. Also she transformed that wiki into her propaganda haven where she made several tasteless pages regarding the conflict and her critics. She was an effective totalitarian until CBT from Wikipedia has booted her pussy in a epic revolution. Not to mention the great regime itself, Fun Shitposting Wiki, has seized control of the shitty wiki. Yes we mean it it's literally us! That awesome fail for that awful bitch will be written down in the texts of this establishment! The bad news though is that the bitchy propaganda of Zenny still continues to remain and offend.

Her Reddit account

This is her reddit account: u/irontailkitsune lol nope she deleted it because we discovered it feel free to troll this bitch in the kitchen.

Zenny attempts to shutdown the wiki

Zenny has made several claims to shutdown our wiki, and asking people to create a Byethost account to report this website. Problem is, theres no reporting option, sorry zenny your dreams have been sunk! Oh we forgot to mention that we finally legalized porn on Fun Shitposting Wiki so fuck the inferior Byethehost! So tough luck slutty, redneck, religious, cuck!

Zenny declared war on us with TheTopTens! Oh Shit.

Lol. You said you can't kill people, yet you want our god and your boyfriend to die. YOU HYPOCRITE!!! also thanks for calling us bad boys because my local chicks are into that

Another day from Zenny's bullshit. She has finally when far on us, saying that we are the evil cyberbullies. She is so stupid that she decided to refer herself in third person. Like, what the fuck?

So, her TheTopTens account is... well anonymous and made this dumbass post on Miraheze. Also retards like: Rainbowkid38 and I80; are in her angel's side. Thankfully, it's not us, but she's blaming Miraheze for no reason. So let's dive in to her post:

Reasons Why Miraheze is Awful

  1. They support SJWS for no reasons
    • BULLSHIT - You called them SJWs without a reason. Even if you do, you are fucking dumb. Heck no! We didn't attact Zamii070, you did bitch. Porn is for everyone, even Nazis and communists like it.
  2. They're hypocrites (95% of the time)
    • BULLSHIT - You said that just to hide you own sanity. Give up. You leave us alone.
  3. They have a toxic community
    • BULLSHIT - Se is a good kid. They have a good reason to delete your garbage.
  4. They're hypersensitive crybabies
    • BULLSHIT - We're not kids! Wombling is a 19-year old autisitc faggot.
  5. They bash on good things, but praise bad things
    • BULLSHIT - It's their opinion faggot.

The list goes one and one that we're too tired to debunk them.

Top 10 Reasons Why the Miraheze Websites are Garbage

Though there's another list not made by Zenny herself, she still comments how Miraheze is the haters. How stupid can she gets, really? Also, we're too tired to debunk that, as well.

More bullshit we can't explain, but we can show you

In conclusion...