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FROM A SHITHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Outcast Network in nutshell. All credit for this image goes to Eiji for making it.

The Outcast Network are a bunch of pussy ass boy scouts drama whores wimpy corrupt babies. They used to be part of the Reception Wiki community until they broke off their relationship in March 2019. Nowadays, they become idiots and drama whores, all of them: toxicity, you name it. Today folks, we’re here to talk about their fall.

The wiki they own are:



Typical day at the Outcast Network. No really, this is what they do.

There wasn’t a network or even connected. A wiki called Atrocious YouTubers Wiki founded by two boy scouts, Mar9122 and Chaofun, made their cookies to become the bigots of the internet like their hate on Halo and Ben 10. After dealing with some bomberman troll and Koolboy kid, their site got closed down by some RationalWiki SJW turd.


They all moved to Miraheze after the genocide. Things go well until they fighting with Christian kid fighting the wiki, three times. Stuff like that. Nowadays they just act like your typical drama hungry niggers



According to fucker twats, there are 90% belief that Mar9122 is responsible for being Saddam Huddsen on the network. Yes, we said that terrorist name. Why? Because they’re alike: both were naive in the beginning, became a tyrant leader by overthrowing, died from doing stupid shit. So apparently, what he had done is that he keeps asking people to join flame wars with him, over and over. Also, most of his old pages are mostly his drama, not their faults, causing his friends to delete their page (which is fucking stupid the fact they even hail to their toxicity). While he isn’t bossy and deeply cares for his friends, he keeps e-stroking his cock, both wiki and YouTube, non-stop. Also, despite being a co-founder, he put the blame on Chaofun and became the owner to lead his stroke. Afterwards, OldDirtyFoamer has a permanent grudge to accuse Mar for his stoking antics.

For us, one man to blame isn't enough to know the Outcast is toxic. So we believe that a small percentage of 10% is Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. Because the wiki is based on targeting on users and wiki, they became bias and hostile to anything they hate. There’s a lot of noticeable dramas such as: Mar’s Overthrown on Oldie, Jordan vandalism, Death of Surreal Memes Wiki, Ayden Mowry flame war, and Horrible Music Wikis flame war. Because of this, many users contributed that wiki became toxic nowadays, even flanderized. We say, it’s the turning point for the Outcast Network. While Mar had flame wars with one christian kid and he thought that it would be his last flame war, he gotten worse when HRWW exist and became even more bloodthirsty on flame wars than ever.

Because of this, the Reception community hated them saying they nitpick on articles, bringing over to their wikis, and shit like that.

Their Discord Server

If you see this logo, you know it’s gonna be filled with weebs.

It’s the DRINKS and the safest place in Outcast Network where many toxic users in the wiki are non-existent. With you daddy Seany and weebs around, you will have a good time to get fucking drunk with your wafius. However, it is also a place for weeaboos to hang out with their overusing Froppy girl from My Hero Academia and even has a logo of that toad bitch.

They used to have a public NSFW channel, unfortunately, it was deleted thanks to some fag named Noblets, showing off some vampire loli nude and many blamed him where TheInterneto was also responsible for showing gore, as well. Nowadays, only VIP losers enter their brand new NSFW channel with Nadeko bot.

Destroy or Save?

There are two ways to give the fate of their dying drama-filled websites:

Destroy option

  • Flame the admins and users, right here, for more drama.
  • Spam their admin’s message board.
  • Call ItMeansNothing’s old name, “Chaofun”.
  • Make an ED page of them.
  • Ask Kiwi Farms to community watch them for their lolcow drama.
  • Accuse them of rigging their polls.
  • Complain about them in their own Discord server.


  • Demote OldDirtyFoamer for rigging the poll.
  • Ban everyone they fuck with.
  • Forget and forbid anyone that mentions Mar9122 or Zenko. It's really making Outcast look toxic if they keep gravedigging their asses.
  • Shut the fuck up.
  • ...
  • PROFIT!!!

Why there's an ED article of Outcast Network?

Hmmm… it’s obvious made by Benderban01, now known as NTVM2005 (a.k.a UTTP hater), for not letting him make a page about the immature troll groups. Can you tell the difference between these articles he made? IT’S ALL THE SAME DAMN IT, COPY AND PASTED!!! Why is it all the same? Because Benderban is butthurt, of course! Will ED notice Outcast Network as their lulzworthy lolcow? Probably not. After all, they deleted Mar9122 page for “Cool Story Bro” reason. Also, most of Bender’s pages are tagged stub. Hopefully, it would be gone for being too shitty written. Either way, fate remains unknown.

However, RoboticJeffy was planning on rewriting Bender's shitty page, as it looks like pure bullshit, plus it doesn't look anything like an ED page.

Hell, it also mentions why there's a page about the Outcast Network on Fun Shitposting Wiki.



Most users are either: nice, toxic, childish, bossy, or even unfunny. Here is the list that we can trash on.

Founders, Owners, Dictators, and Admins

  • ItMeansNothing - The founder of Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. Though he didn’t find the network, he’s a bratty autistic child with no logic. Instead, he has Identity Syndrome on fetishizing UglyDolls. He also hates COPPA because she was immature brat
  • Mar9122 - The naive co-founder of Atrocious YouTubers Wiki and a former YouTuber that caused a one-man drama with three faggots. On Miraheze is a different story because when Chaofun is gone, he became a leader and conned “The Outcast Network” right after Masson Thief told him to fuck off. Afterwards, he became an arrogant “war hero” bastard to his friends and his enemies, especially Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. After it’s closure, Encylopedia Dramatica raped him and nowadays people hate him. Poor poor sod.
  • Portrock1566 - The angriest moodiest admin since FANDOM. Nothing of him being denial weeb fag. Also, not funny for being denial. Recently he turned into an infamous, perverted, sex-crazed, Porno freaker, misogynistic (for the last adjective, not really lol) teenager who fucks his own waifu, Zero Two daily, as well as forcing her to take birth control, and keeps talking about girls. As well as having a huge hate boner over several anime girls. Oh we almost forgot to mention that he overdoses on hentai regularly (obviously). The selective man you have there. Despite what may one may believe, he's actually not a pimp. since Zero Two's the only hoe he loves. Also just like OldDirtyFoamer, he has a permanent grudge on Mar9122; but unlike Foamer, he actually legitimately defames and exterminates Mar's influence and legacy from everything as possible, even YouTube. The best example is that he cut out the part on his lasted video mourning Mar9122. But don't worry, we got the archive for it. UwU
  • Trevor807 - Cool dude, but is a NASCAR fag on Twitter.
  • EijiZeBoi - Sweet grandpa owner, formerly, after Mar left and became the owner after Mar’s sexual allegation. Sadly, he acts like a fucking idiot on YouTube, making shitty videos of himself screaming to songs and being a batshit insane K-Pop stan. He also uses some stupid-ass software known as Google Translate to mess up blocks of text. He also fucks his husbando, Iida, daily, and likes receiving anal from Deku and oral from Todoroki. Don't worry, he's gay. Btw, he left that hellhole and resigned his adminship.
  • Kesner - Broney fag who wants to give Shining Armor and Morgana from Persona 5 blowjobs. Secretly prays to Lord PissShithead the Great every single day. Likes playing shitty Minecraft 2D.
  • OldDirtyFoamer - The youngest and the worst admin to this date, also the founder of the terrible Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. He’s a disgrace to all the network asking Reception network to re-join despite their no-no. We know what he looks like, but he’ll sue us for it. Also, he has a permanent hatred on Mar9122 for overthrowing him on HRWW and accused GasMask as Mar without evidence. Oof! His blind hatred, salt, and his bossy-ness is too real. Good thing he finally left the wiki because he got doxxed.
  • Neptune - Latest owner and the best whore with a nerdy brain and a good blowjob. Unfortunately, she got a coma from bigotry. Sometimes, she also adding so-called “moral guardians” and “anti moral guardians” points on Toxic Hatedoms and Hatedoms Wiki and Healthy Hatedoms and Hatedoms Wiki because...she created it! (there are some users did this through, but that's another story)
  • NeedsMoreJPEG - [this description has been invented out of existence by Flint Locknos]
  • Ramadhan1a - The Southeast Asian kid nigga, he is an admin here on this wiki. (He's from Indonesia specifically). Also he scared the shit out of Wombling when he grew a crush on a phishing bot and later invited it to his own personal server. The bot messaged Pyro and because of this, he considers Rama a rogue.
  • Voltuse - Some bisexual bitch who is also the best waifu and a zappingly best jelly girl who stayed on a kitchen more than bullshit. LAME-O!!! Also worships shitty animes like Shit Live!, Shitdori (especially when it comes to a slice of cheese and a certain thot that must not be named anywhere), and now Shitphogear. Sensitive as fuck over the smallest of things, such as the fact whenever people don't use the "&" symbol on the Fandoms "&" Hatedoms Wiki Database but rather when they use the word "and" instead. Also, NO BANNED PHRASES!!!
  • Lamborghini - A fucking Y E L L O W C A R ! who's an admin on 2 shitty, drama-ridden and dead wikis. Also likes to stay on the Discord server and is a fucking history role-player.
  • Seanbuscus2600 - The daddy of TON discord server. The best nigga in Outcast Network. Totally hates drama, introvertedly moody as balls, and corse likes playing Minecraft 2D with Kesner. HAHA!! Plus, he used to have an article, but Se got butthurt to the point it got deleted, but don't worry, we recovered this page from Se butthurt
  • RoboticJeffy - Dumb idiot thin-skinned 14-year old child with no second thought. Back then, he's a noob on Miraheze since Rotten Websites Wiki and made drama with GethN7 for lolcow behavior. He was very infamous on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki for defending toxic communities, especially Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. Now that he's an admin after Mar9122's disappearance, he destroyed his legacy by deleting old pages for being false and autistically goes like "THEY'RE INNOCENT!!!". Great, another Mar's permanent grudgers. Also, he got banned, twice, for joining an alt-right server. How curious. Annd he got banned again for using slurs on Toxic Fandoms Wiki and is now having a grudge on us, Again. Now he's back again because EijiZeBoi thinks he was innocent.

Ordinary Fucks (including Discord users)

  • Championsgamer1Playz - Some fag who blindly scapegoat on GasMask, Also she keeps necroposting on dead posts no matter how much dead faggots she beaten.
  • BartekZioomPro - AKA: OUR GOD! Praise him or vanish.
  • Tubbybloxian - Gay fuck who complains too much about his past on FANDOM and his grudge on users who criticize him.
  • PurFox - New guy who's a weeaboo and hates COPPA
  • Orangey8895 - A dank memer who squeezes orange tits for his shitty anime memes.
  • Zimmerman - A dead nigger who planned to have a massacre on Bartek's Discord server.
  • Nihirichan - Everyone's favorite hoe in their network (mostly on Discord). She's a nerd on the wiki, but on Discord, she's a dumb bitch. Because of this, they tend to annoy her by pinging her until she rage quits. Poor sod.
  • Stephenfisher2001 - Another brony fag who draws like shit and is a crybaby. We don't see him often on AYW, only on user wikis. Absurdly active on Awful Movies Wiki & Great Movies Wiki
  • Official-PSASD - He's an awesome man that once was a moderator on Awful Movies Wiki, who cares?!
  • MCpillager - Vyond communist nigger (now known as Just Amelia) who used to attempt to shut down Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki with three furfags like: TheInterneto, Like a boss 999, and Fungster. Afterwards, he caused dumbass dramas for either no reason or the lulz like vandalizing Reception Flame Wars Wiki. After Mar's disappearance (which is one of his archenemy), he became a shitposter with ZERO IQ. And then started some beef with the CollabVM community, Fuck man. And at one time, his computer woudn't even load GIMP without crashing.
  • Just Leon - A sensitive faggot with an identity crisis that is worse than Wage himself also he hates swearing for no good fucking reason other than the fact that he's a GoFag and loves baby shows, also once copy-pasted Rama's disliked users list for no good reason whatsoever. he's now retiring for finding the new life.
  • MelloYello - An artist and a former GoFag.
  • FinesseFinnish - Some idiot who’s actually Swedish, but would RATHER BE FINNISH and sometimes makes mediocre as fuck jokes.
  • 206kid - Some kid who worships baby like it's the creation of Jesus and is obsessed with Rama and so much to the point of stalking. Also planed to make another "Totally not a bird version of PAW Patrol" edit sometime soon, but cancelled it.
  • Agent Joestar - Weeb trash who happens to be a watchdog. Especially about YouTubers.
  • Mickey Mouse - A Mickey Mouse and Mario obssesed faggot that comments random shit in wikis and ocassionally makes edits, he is seriously obssesed with his waifu, Peacock from Skullgirls, to the point he has cummed to hentai images featuring her and Hiro Hamada, he also has a serious hate boner towards toxic Disney/Mickey Mouse haters and is pretty fucking positive when Disney hatred isn't around.
  • Theresnoname - An Indonesian nigger who loathes preschool show hatetards and Islamophobes bollocks fuckfarts because the both's atrocity. he chugs down to anime shit like Oggy and the Cockroaches, Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt and Smash Bros Lawl (not an anime actually). he was said to be poor man's Rama, despite that he joined earlier than him on Mirahaze, on Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki.[1] was founded the now-shithole Atrocious Deviants Wiki, because of his tardrage towards the preschool show hatetards. also, Gardevoirs are more hotter than conservative womens!
  • DuchessSponge5000 - A fucking nigger who is obsessed over the Batman franchise.
  • Nersh1rtXD - some Latin American hoe who is obsessed with Battle For Douche Island and always changes her profile picture to an object show character.
  • Hookuai - BYE YOU SHILL MOTHERFUCKERS Nope, he reborn again. looks like she trying to redeeming his life, and she did.

Banned Fuckers

  • ErtasVideos - True God of Miraheze left hell, because Mar hates the truth.
  • Boomaster - A good boy who trash on Mario Fan Games Galaxy forums and now Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. Nowadays, he’s a copycat with a huge hate boner on everything. (He's forgiven)
  • GasMask - Doxed Foamer for lulz. Dead nigga and a scapegoat.
  • ToonTrains - Christian kid that started the war with Mar.
  • IHateShippers - Nigger with flames on some hoe he wanna fuck.
  • Zenko - Introvert bitch.
  • TheInterneto - Korean autistic fat boy with lots of rage and flames. He killed Mar9122 and exposed his girlfriend’s antics. His source of sexual arousal is flame wars, drama, peace shit, and people overall being dickhead Afterwards, he told dog killers for jokes and became dead nigga. He proposed a mass rape spree throughout Miraheze. Fortunately, he got forcefully sterilized before ever executing sex crimes.(He runs a server)
  • PaperClip - Went apeshit over Incredible Wikis & Users Wiki and got banned got on 5 reception wikis.
  • ElectricMarioTheMiraheze - Turkish cunt with broken English, never responds to replies he received. When Mar9122 knocked on his door to recruit him for therapy, he went apeshit and caused everyone to surround and trash him. Mar9122 finally shot him dead afterward. (He's back now)
  • MrPissShitHead - Nigger with Nazism and made his last effort to destroy Mar9122 life on ED, again.
  • DrewPicklesisSwell1957 - An awsome edgelord who inspired the vandal at ADW RIP 2018-2020 You and your swell content will be missed.
  • BlazePlastic2003 - A nigger who keeps jerking off to his gay god Drew and gets mad over the slightest thing and even told Rama to kill himself only because he reverts his edits thankfully he left hell. Go to hell.
  • Vauban - A Pole Holocaust victim who takes jokes way too seriously and is pissed whenever Rama makes fun of him. He's nothing but a jester on Discord and a failure to know his responsibility on his last adminship Abysmally Roblox Games Wiki. After getting banned on TON server, he wanna fucking vengeance to his sorry ass
  • Gucci Rsbbit - Some underaged kid who wished death on some nigger named Tolu and keeps evading his bans on AYW. Luckily our god Ertas reported him to the stewards and his ass got annihilated by the stewards.
  • HalJordan008 - Voltuse whooped his ass big time for defending a dead nigga Hitler.
  • KillerPyro795 - Some say he's the carnation of Mar9122, but that's a lie. Yet, attempts to dox Just Wage and everyone hates him. Then, he started a drama and won a fucking flame war. He's now gone, forever.
  • TaakoManTheGameMaster - Founder of Atrocious YouTubers Wiki of Miraheze. Dead whore thanks to drama.
  • MCpillager - Vyond communist nigger (now known as Rainstorm1650) who used to attempt to shut down Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki with three furfags like: TheInterneto, Like a boss 999, and Fungster. Afterwards, he caused dumbass dramas for either no reason or the lulz like vandalizing Reception Flame Wars Wiki. After Mar's disappearance (which is one of his archenemy), he became a shitposter with ZERO IQ. And then started some beef with the CollabVM community, Fuck man. And at one time, his computer woudn't even load GIMP without crashing. Ever since the Horrible Vyonders Wiki became a thing, his activity started to deteriorate. Left the network for the less-drama ridden Horrible Vyonders Wiki.
  • Tom556-Trench888 - The same bastard from the other wiki who was annoying to people compared K9 Adversion to Hitler and people thought he was serious and got to the nerve of admins when he ask to add how to improve themselves and the admins Said no and the final straw is when he tried to rickroll everyone in the wiki and he got block from the wiki until the year 9999
  • Inkster - A weakass scrawny brat that is 50% AntiDexer, 50% Inflation/Fat Fetishist and 100% ABSOLUTE FUCKING TARD. He likes going on the blue dump farm that is known as Twitter and goes around going on severely autistic crusades against equally exceptional NatDexers while talking about the very best Pokémon game he endlessly simps for. In his free time, he spends his days locked up in his shithole of a room fapping furiously to shoddily-drawn pictures of Inflated/Fat/Blueberry anime girls (EX. Bea) and then crying after a good cumming session due to always knowing he'll be forever alone like the wimpy widdle simp he fucking is. Ash Ketchum is dummy T H I C C. He recently revealed that he's trying to get fat by going to McShit or something

Wait a minute? Did our god share this page to the network?

At first, we would scream at him. But retards actually loved us, like for real? Everyone joined this wiki for their own lulz and doxxed themselves. So, is that a good thing?