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Polish 20201030 214632738.jpg
The userbase in a nutshack. All credit for this image goes to Inkster for making it.
How reception wikis banned good and smart people. All credit for this image goes to Alif Maharendra Sihombing for making it.
*Mermaid Sisters song intensifies*
Reception Wikis users chat on discord after his/her wiki closed.
Demoralization is when you start working at the Reception Wikis and follow the rules of the admins/bureaucrats, Destabilization is when you chat with other people on Discord and talk pages, Crisis is when a Reception Wiki gets closed, and Normalization is when you give up and go to Fun Shitposting Wiki.
That's recepfag humor for ya
Lol, you are not supposed to most contributor's edit on false admin edit
Kevin Sorbo was right all along
and here Jesse Kelly one

The Reception Wikis (also known by the FSW userbase as Recepshit Wikis) are controversial "wikis" that were originally on FANDOM[1], but got kicked off, and are now on a wiki fairm known as Miraheze. Titles of the "wikis" are "Synonym for Good or Bad, Something (like a movie or a website)".

List of Reception Wikis[edit]

  • Crappy Games Wiki (the very first reception wiki)
  • Awesome Games Wiki
  • Terrible TV Shows Wiki
  • Best TV Shows Wiki
  • Awful Movies Wiki
  • Greatest Movies Wiki
  • Rotten Websites Wiki
  • Fresh Websites Wiki

The Reception Wiki Starter Pack[edit]

  • SJWs bad!!!!
  • Downvotes other comments when they have a different opinion than theirs, or like media on the negative reception wikis.
  • Makes pages out of users they hate on Fun Shitposting Wiki until all Recepfags were banned
  • Picrew pfp
  • Unfunny and cant do humor
  • Overuses terms like "a-logging"
  • Hates fictional characters like Bea and acts as if they did things worse than raping children, animals, corpses, and commiting genocide combined (especially Portrock1556)
  • Athiests (especially Portrock1566 and Seanbuscus2600)
  • Biased hate articles everywhere (especially the Pokémon Sword and Shield page on Crappy Games Wiki)
  • Anti-fetish (Most notably Portrock and Zenko)
  • Uncreative pointers (ironically, since he banned generic pointer, what's the point?)
  • Flame wars for people who can't take critism
  • Independent, but only when you are on liberal
  • Daily mental breakdown when you are on off-topic
  • Because liberals don't have the normal defense mechanisms to respond to your edit, you can get reverted and get banned everytime you undo an "admin's edit"
  • When you upload a picture there, they demand it to be high quality, multi-platform (for Crappy Games Wiki and Awesome Games Wiki), it's promotional (Terrible TV Shows Wiki and Best TV Shows Wiki), and it's theatrical release poster (Awful Movies Wiki and Greatest Movies Wiki)
  • Use popular websites to search information, not underrated website
  • Everytime users have offended by some progess, follow him, if user critizes, kick him!
  • If you make Likes and Dislikes, write everything that people already fucking know, and hide some unpopular things
  • If one reception wiki's discord server dies, always go to another reception wiki discord server to talk why his/her reception wiki's discord server died.
  • Steal a page from one reception wiki and put it on another reception wiki (GinaGiovanniello2001 and Maddox121)
  • Torturing another admin (Grust)
  • Become egoistical because of their main power as Discord moderator and deny thier wrongdoings (Mickey Mouse, SpazJR61, NeptunePerson2018, and Mar9122)

Why They Suck[edit]

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, what's the point of having wikis to criticize and praise good and bad things when are already websites for that, such as Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDb?
    • However, they get very butthurt that those websites do not reflect their opinions, and even put the latter two on Rotten Websites Wiki.
    • Their purpose is poorly executed due to it being used in the hands of people who are rough when they hate something.
  2. They put highly reviewed games, movies and TV shows into the negative wikis regardless of their actually good or not, just for the most despicable reason "The critics are snobs". For example, they put Riverdale on Terrible TV Shows Wiki, even though Riverdale has a 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7/10 on IMDb[2].
    • Some of them also put stuff on the negative wikis for personal reasons, such as having Pokémon Sword and Shield on Crappy Games Wiki.
  3. These wikis are less about legitimate information and are basically an echo chamber.
  4. They give out no citations or sources to back up their claims[3], which not only means that their claims are bullshit, but make them seem like accusations as well.
  5. Their userbase, AKA "recepfags", cause lots of dramaare very toxic to the point that they make Encyclopedia Dramatica look good.
  6. They're SJWs, which is a major red flag.
  7. They claim to be anti-SJWs, yet they act like SJWs themselves.
    • In order to reinforce their claim of being Anti-SJW, they also bent the definition of "SJW" to include right wing people/media such as conservative websites like One Million Moms[4]. This makes no sense as "right wing SJW's" don't care as much about social justice, as the acronym implies.
  8. They are VERY anti-free speech, as they don't allow swearing on the pages nor pointers about memes.
  9. Constant vandalism, overgeneralizations, ridiculous and nonsensical categories, false information and edit wars plague many of the articles. Reverting any edits containing any of these could end up being reverted, anyway.
  10. They have no true quality control, which results in numerous biased articles, such as the infamous Pokémon Sword and Shield page on Crappy Games Wiki.[5]
  11. Some of their articles are filled with false information, for example, they claim that Super Mario 3D All Stars is "nostalgia pandering".[6]
    • Another false claim is that "Twitter supports pedophilia".[7] The truth is, their infamous "Age really is just a number" was taken out of context.
  12. Some beg for some of the negatively reviewed stuff to be cancelled or banned entirely. Though these people may get disciplined.
  13. They're incredibly anti-BLM to the point that they made a hate page about them. [8]
  14. There is a lot of drama both onsites and offsite due to them having issues with respecting each other.
  15. They constantly get into fights with one another, so much that it's like monster infighting in DOOM.
  16. They also public shame innocent people into believing they're corrupt and the wiki's equivalent of Ryulong.
  17. The admins sometimes threaten other users and delete articles for little to no reasons.
  18. Despite giving out criticism, they ironically can't handle criticism, because if you call them out for basically anything, they won't go easy on you, unless if you yourself are a reception wiki user.
  19. They treat many controversial users like Gucci Rsbbit and Inkster like they're worse than 9/11.
  20. Some also accuse other users with similar names or interests as socks of those that they hate. For example, UglyDollsFan2002 has been compared to Wage because of the name, when that could be just a coincidence.
  21. They can't handle people who disagree with them.
  22. They tried to start drama with one of Miraheze's stewards.
    • The steward in question is NDKilla.
  23. Epic Fail: They made their own hatedom's page on the Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki, and most of the reasons are bias and playing the victim. But on the Healthy Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki, they blindlessly claim their community isn't toxic when the wikis themselves have flaws. Which shows they have massive egos and are extremely narrow minded.
  24. Even the userbase is aware of how much these wikis sucks.
  25. On this topic, the stewards hate and are even against them these wikis, as some of them pointed out their frequent Content Policy violations.
  26. Due to all these problems, they single handedly gave Miraheze as a whole an extremely bad reputation.

The Only Redeeming Quality[edit]

  1. Admittedly, their way of executing its concept makes them easier to read and more understandable than a long essay, however as mentioned earlier, it is poorly executed.


  1. Close the wikis as they violate Miraheze's Content Policy and Code of Conduct according to Universal Omega.


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