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Directory1233.jpg THIS USER LOVES NIGGERS!!!!!!
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Meet Galaxyrailways2199 aka Trainman142 (Powerword: Alex Campbell English), dumbest woman man to ever walk the shitty states of Oregon and Washington and possibly the entire fucking world. Alex is a 22-year-old social justice warrior, autistic furfaggot, MtF Tranny, trendy tucute, drama whore; scat, piss, toilet, fart and diaper fetishist, ANTIFA-supporting cunt best known for his constant leftist lolcow cuckery on DeviantArt, Furaffinity, YouTube, Discord, the Miraheze Reception Wikis and defending Jessica Yaniv, being all insufferable and woke and generally being a professional victim with fuckloads of hypocrisy and stupidity. He was recently banned from several websites for block evasion and spamming- along with being the sharting farting arsewipe he usually is.

He is really comparable to another Tranny Autist. Both of them are so utterly fucktarded and doxable its fucking unreal. He also called the police on us and got Zuluexa (a literal 14-year-old) arrested for tax fraud, the stupid tranny autist faggot.

The Beginning

Accurate representation of that Tranny Autist's birth.

Born 1998 October 19th, that flaming faggot shot out of his ugly-ass mother's vagina in the filthy Oregon, a very SJW, LiberalTarded, Dumb Fuck, Far-Leftist, Anti-American, ANTIFA state; to a couple of very unlucky parents. He claims to have been abused as a child but there isn't any evidence to back this up, and that freak is most likely lying anyways, like all trannies normally do when they try getting MUH PITY POINTS. Not much of his childhood is known, except for the fact that he is a massive fucking trainsperg. He was diagnosed with ass burgers at an early age. This not only led to Alex's unhealthy obsession with the idiot box, trains, and shit, but also made him into a fucking retard. Thanks to his parents' coddling, he developed zero common sense or emotional intelligence at all, and its too late for him to learn any due to having his growth permanently stunted.

Q: Why do autists love trains so much?
A: Because they operate on tight schedules, run on tracks so they can't do anything unexpected, and go fast.

When he was 13 he joined DeviantArt on Dec 24, 2009, as Trainman142 (Worst Christmas Gift Ever!) his name at the time was Alex Campbell English but he was not well known (Except by other furfags) during this time. During his fucking youth, he would upload art that was some shitty fursona with choo choos, copy 'n paste, copy n' paste, some shitty-ass pixel art, and selfies from a place called Powerland. It is scarcely known how he acted during this saga from 2009-2013 but he was possibly a faggot, though definitely less so when he became a tranny cunt and started taking these estrogen pills and needles. Alex spent most of his high school life stalking and flirting with guys and girls completely out of his league, trying to impress them with his knowledge of trains as well as being a massive fucking retard who always got into trouble and shit. Alex had a tendency to carry numerous books on trains and shit throughout the hallways of school and was very uncooperative with his teachers at times when given instruction to put away his books. Alex thought highly of himself like a modern day Renaissance man but in reality, this was far from the truth. His awkward conversations with girls, guys and teachers in high school, sexual harassment advances and always getting into trouble isolated him from the rest of high school and Alex's only form of interaction was spewing his bullshit ideas and spergery on other retarded classmates and unlucky teachers. He also formed a gang with his fellow speshul ed kiddos and they often went around beating up even more exceptional fucktards (AKA: Down's Syndrome) with baseball bats like street punk hooligans.



Sometime in 2013 Alex started to get attention by threatening suicide, his furfag butt buddies would lick his shitty asshole in attempts to make him feel special, he did this until he made the "smart" move of transitioning, from male to female. Since he did not consider himself a "man" anymore, he created a new account on 6th May 2014 called GalaxyRailways2199. Alex claims to be a successful troll but he made one little teensy-weensy mistake by revealing his true identity. Alex "Now Amy Cynthia English" would go around deviantart attacking christians and other manchildren despite being a manchild himself, and would return to his Trainman142 account if he got blocked by anyone to get the last word and then would block said user, because of this, may people in retaliation archived his tomfoolery and this bit him in the ass later down the road. His faggotry increased exponentially and his behavior got super fucking nasty as he started taking more disgusting estrogen pills and stroking his girl-dick or whatever MtF Trannies call the fucking sausage between their legs.

From 2014-2017 he continued to make disgusting sexual pics of furries "mainly his tranny vixen oc" shitting and farting not to mention nude selfies, and pull the occasional suicide card whenever he wanted attention.

The Downfall of his DeviantArt accounts

Alex's downfall would happen when a user on Atrocious Deviants Wiki named RealDeltaGem made an article on him, it was deleted once by Idl3Tinkr (worst admin ever and a midget soy boy nerdy cuck with thick glasses) then brought back by Popzikles (faggot with a heart of gold) when they saw how atrocious Alex really is. Of course being the raging manchild that Alex is, he would cry to his white knights and they would lick his shitty asshole. "like always" and threatened to spam ADW. To further show his lolcowish behavior, he even threatened suicide in order to get the article on him removed. Of course ADW being the far leftist site that it is and run by the retarded ching-chong-weeaboo known as Motoko, bent the knee and took down Alex's page. Fortunately, it's been archived so it's still on the internet whether Alex likes it or not. Remember kids, once you post something online, it will be there forever! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sometime later in February of 2020 the retarded tranny went after some wrongthinking alt-right pedophile admin named EmpathicDesign (AKA: Mark) by trying to spam him to death after hurting his degenerate fee-fees and bombarding basic facts, logic and biology textbooks onto that tranny cunt. Of course this little crusade did not work and the DA Admins like Realitysquared (who are also sick fuck pedophiles) finally smacked the cocksucker and his alts with the b&hammer. Despite this he is currently on Furaffinity where his cuckery continues. He is also on Youtube fighting a bunch of random people and having his faggotry increase more and more as he gets hornier and sicker during the damn quarantine. Bitch needs to go outside and die a long, painful death and get his grave pissed on.

Moral: don't blame Realitysquared and EmpathicDesign. Once you blame, you will be kicked forever! πŸ–•πŸ»


  • Shiting
  • Pissing
  • Farting
  • Sharting
  • Steam
  • Trains
  • Toilets
  • Faggots
  • Trannies
  • Cuntboys
  • Dickgirls
  • Dykes
  • AIDS
  • Animals
  • Children
  • Underaged
  • Incest
  • Age-Play
  • Bestiality
  • Zoophilia
  • Pedophilia
  • Beating kids to death with baseball bats.
  • Raping little girls and boys.
  • Being raped by little girls and boys.
  • The rest of his fetishes can be found here: GROSS!!!

Involved People

White Knights

  • Omega-Steam: Alex's spic wolfaboo beaner boyfriend is a trainsperg just like him. Claims to be straight/bisexual/pansexual but is just a lispy faggot homo asswipe in denial.
  • Donutbandit: Some easily triggered autistic pansexual (speshul snowflake variant for bisexuals who just want to be speshul) clopper and wolfaboo retard who is into wolves like Alex is into foxes.
  • MisterSnakebite: Some British SJW hook nosed cuck does not know when keep it out of people's business.
  • 2SkunkySkunks: An insane dyke who thinks they are a pair of skunks. Note* Her account was originally skunkskunky and run by "Stinky" says spergy shit at times as well. recently got banned from DeviantArt.
  • Rainikawerewolf13: Some random nigger who's the typical untalented artist from DeviatArt who draws Rule34 artwork from the Crash Bandicoot franchise. She's also on Furaffinity as well. She's also a BLM supporter


Good People

  • DeltaGem - Raging Blaire White fanboy who exposed a shitton of sick fuck pedophiles like ComradeDeath, Survivor-For-NOMAPs, Akhnaton-II and most importantly the Adam and Steve of retardation, WubbaWankStain69 and IncestLove124. Helped expose Galaxy's hypocrisy, stupidity and bullshit like a boss but fucking retard Idl3Tinkr was too stupid to realize it. Was forgiven somewhere near the end but was later BTFO by Motoko who took Tinkr's place as Galaxy's white knight and his ban caused many people to jump ship.
  • Tribond Kuba - An angry nigga who is best known for helping support the crusade against the dastardly K9-Aversion and promoting anti dog-abuse and favoriting pics of big-titted dragons with inflated bellies. Helped expose Galaxy's hypocrisy, stupidity and bullshit like a boss but fucking retard Idl3Tinkr was too stupid to realize it. Got unfairly banned 2 times in a row and decided to ragequit ADW after having to deal with too much Galaxy-loving bullshit. He has an inflation fetish though, which is very gross and faggoty.
  • Metalhead123 - Asspie girl who allegedly got abused by Galaxy in the past when she was a minor into erotic roleplays together with Destinys-Failure, she later chastised the mods real hard but as usual GalaxyRailways2199 white knights never listen. She bets Galaxy, the shit mods and Taylor all weigh 10000 kilos and smells like rotten watermelons.
  • Khai2000 - Vietnamese Guerilla Fighter whose ancestors fought for North Vietnam and he has fucking terrible grammar but is otherwise a rather tard-ish yet kinda smart boi. He got spammed with death threats, racial slurs and much worse by Galaxy, but as usual Khai got banned unfairly while Galaxy got away 'cause she got hacked or something as she said!
  • Paprika - Blackass Hispanic nigga from the legendary Isle of Panama who was one of the many calling out Galaxy and her idiotic behavior, but sadly he got so stressed after intense questioning from Motoko that he bailed after 2 damn minutes and had to rest for the whole day. Poor, poor sod...
  • Ramandhan1a - The Southeast Asian kid nigga (other one being Theresnoname), he is an admin here on this wiki. (He's from Indonesia specifically). Also he called out Motoko and Tinkr on their BS yet Rama was swiftly BTFO of the ADW Discord after defending Swaggie and trying to speak out against Galaxy's idiotic behavior including her sending threats to TheInterneto.
  • RoboticJeffy/Caulipower - Violent ass idiot 14-year old lolcalf kid (DOX: Ayden Mowry) with no second thoughts or a single shred of remorse. Back then, he's a noob on Miraheze since Rotten Websites Wiki and made drama with GethN7 for lolcow behavior. He was very infamous on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki for defending toxic communities, especially Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. Got banned a lot several weeks ago but... Nope, he's back on Miraheze again! Now he is back in action, and destroying that tranny fucktard on YouTube! LMFAO!!!
  • Zing Zang Zong - A 20-year-old Dude from Argentina and Latin America who lives in a nice vacation house up in the Andes as his apartment is down in the cities where Coronavirus is fucking things up. He manufacturse weapons and explosives for a living, and is also a professional Fox Hunter that will skin Red Foxes alive as their pelts sell for good money. He will get his ETSY shop set up soon. And also, GET OUTTA HIS FUCKING SWAMP MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Also best friends with RoboticJeffy and BloodMoonIdiot and the 3 love trolling Galaxy together on YouTube.
  • BloodMoonIdiot - The Genius Vandalizer himself. Joined the battle pretty late but like his pal Zing managed to milk that fucking Far Leftist Loon LulzCow and caused her to sperg out 13 times on a single discussion board, beating Zing's previous record of 9. Badass.
  • Zedjeppers - Another girl Galaxy groomed and molested.

Ways you can troll Alex

Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ Ψ£ΩƒΨ¨Ψ±
  • Call Him by his given birth name (Alex Campbell English)
  • Dox him.
  • Leak his photos to his enemies. *especially his nudes*.
  • Tell him he is a zoophile and or pedophile (truth).
  • Say he'll never be a real woman.
  • Call up places he works and tell his employers what he does on the internet.
  • Draw hate art of his shitty OC fox getting raped, killed, or committing suicide.
  • Kink shame him.
  • Compare the way he looks and sounds with other lolcows. *Chris-Chan, Nick Bate, Jessica Yaniv*
  • Tell him to kill himself.
  • Tell him that gender is biological not mental retardation. *fact*

The Drama Train Of Severe Autistic Faggotry

The Atrocious Deviants Wiki Dramarama Mania (August 2019 - April 2020)

All of it is documented at Atrocious Deviants Wiki

YouTube and Furaffinity Spergy Skirmishes (May 2020 - August 2020)

basically what happened was that Galaxy had two Furaffinity accounts, trainman142 and GalaxyRailways2199. tribond tried to knock some sense into Galaxy, but it failed. he also has an account called Amelia Pond on youtube

All-Out War On The Autismal Wiki Wastelands (August 2020 Onwards)


After Autistic Dumb Fuck's Nightmare posted 2 new glorious videos, the war had finally reignited to its old fiery glory it had on late 2019.

Vandalism Spree

Nice try.

On 02:31, 21 September 2020, Galaxy, who had his brain melted found this page, he replaced it with "fuck y'all", showing that Galaxy itself was unhappy about his page being unrational as his brain. Got banned once again for vandalism.



The tranny fucktard thought he was safe as all the compiled proof has be lost! Or were they lost?
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Nope! They have been thankfully archived and compiled once more, and Delta's journals were thankfully archived too! In your face, GalaxyFailways!

The Hall Of Shame

Nice to know we did something that got your goat.
I bet that's what you wanna do to my fox skins.
Fake Rage Quit'N just like a lot of lolcows do.
They are the samefag
Licking his shitty ass like usual
Alex 2.png
Sop Bullying MEE!.png
Alex 3.png
What a POS
The comparison is uncanny to Nick Bates the child molester of Pennsylvania.

Videos Too hot for JewTube.


  • If Galaxy did not make that shitty page on DeltaGem, the wiki would have still be standing. Never underestimate the wrath of Anti-SJWs, faggot.
  • SJWs always ruin everything.
  • Gender is biological not mental retardation.
  • She is a shitty-ass ugly fucking furfag.
  • She can't decide on whether to use a skunk, deer, rabbit or fox for her fursona.
  • He is now denying that her F-List page isn't hers and was made by a troll. It's highly unlikely because #1 That account was made 6+ years before the ADW drama and #2 It contains his IRL name, fox OC icon and her fetishes, most noticeably: scat, fart, diaper and toilet fetishes.
  • Galaxy has now been banned from Funshitpostingwiki currently twice for vandalism
  • Claimed to have contacted the police/feds and Tribondkuba111 asked for proof on multiple occasions but he said that he isn't obligated to tell. However, Zuluexa was arrested for tax fraud and it's highly likely that galaxy had something to do with it
  • He got Zuluexa arrested for tax fraud and you should go lynch him
  • Galaxy has now wished another user on Inkbunny named RoareyRaccoon to get Covid-19 along with labeling him an alt-right wannabe domestic terrorist pedophile


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