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CollabVM is a site known to the state of California for retards, forkies, children, toddlers, Andrej Akan, MEMZ and General Darian. There used to be someone who was very retarded who constantly abused a VM rapist script called Kit (that was created by Kit. Yes, that's right. His script is the same as his name. What the fuck?) that DFU was stupid enough to give the source to a icanttellyou catfish (The catfisher in question was Andrej.)


Andrej Akan[edit]

Andrej Akan is a very retarded person who Kits on the vms all day and night. He was later found out that he was Nina005, who was a underaged retard which I will not waste precious article bytes to explain.


A CollabVM administrator who was here since when CollabVM ran on a modified version of the engine.


The very one who made the site in the first place.

Cosmic Sans[edit]

CollabVM base leader


Someone from Poland who is a epic gamer hacker XD


A trans retard who loves molesting pokemon


A Litwa retard. He got kicked out for being annoying as fuck. He's GamertopiaFan's love interest.


He's autistic, and loves Boohbah. DON'T. ASK.


A furry. He made Kit, the script. Which fucks up the VMs. Wow.


This section of the article is outdated since CollabVM 2.0, the successor to CollabVM 1.x came out.

Although, due to a certain few of events that made 2.0 kinda unusable, this section may be a bit, uh, useful, I guess?


A bot that has been up since the beginning of the universe


A bot made by icanttellyou. It has way too many commands.


A bot made by Kit, who made Kit.


A bot which asshole Andrej stole. He really likes it.