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FROM A SHITHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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"We care more about the Joj that anything else" - Ed Beacham. The reason why their logo looks like that is to avoid getting anti-stamps.
You a Lazy fuck? There you're welcome!

Atrocious Deviants Wiki (AKA: GalaxyRailways2199's Shithole, The Comprehensive List of Funny DA Trolls, Troll Food Pens, Biastopia, Butthurtness Central, Attack Article Testing Site and The Blazing Ragelands) is a controversial lolcow-sperm reception wiki that centers around criticizing the shitty DeviantArt website who are filled with loads of severely autistic butthurt bratty fucktards either raging at trolls or being so engrossed in their bullshit politics it utterly rots their brains, takes over their lives and fucks up their mental health for good. They also make crappy butthurt attack articles mostly on obvious trolls like WubbaWankStain, Payton009, PablotheCailloufan25, Jamesgang, FriendlyMrGuy, RosesStella but a few gems have exposed true sickos like EmpathicDesign, GalaxyRailways2199, IncestLove124, NuggetTheBalloonGirl and many more fucked-up wingnut pedophiles or fetish-guzzling freaks.

While this festering shithole was doing relatively well and getting decent reviews (mostly from mentally impaired autistic kids and manchildren that always fall fall for the most obvious of trolls) in its first few months, everything changed when the scourge, GalaxyRailways2199 (DOX: Amy/Amelia Castillo Cynthia Calaberas Cortex Camillia Campbell Cheever Ching Chong Cincinnati Clark English The Third) arrived and permanently fucked up the wiki with her SJW bullshit and 2 rounds of horrendous drama which messed up tons of people's once-squeaky clean DA pages and gave these alt-righter pedophiles somehow even more leverage and a victory over a little leftist looser with 2 rounds of DRAMA on DeviantSHART and JewTube which got an army of insane 4Chan trolls declaring war on her and trying to make an ED page of her while causing the drama to get so bad it permanently killed off the wiki for good. Good fucking riddance!

For the Outcast Network people, they barely used that place since most of them are at Atrocious Youtubers Wiki. But again, we have some little facts about them if we do remember. So shit, where do we begin? NOPE! We got some great information from a few hardworking bois (including a former Encyclopedia Dramatican) who have logged down the entire wiki's godforsaken and bloody muddy history of shame! Now its time to see all this fucked up bullshit they caused and the incredible amounts of sperging, autistic screeching, bipolar shit-smearing on the walls and piss-frying this dumpster fire of a wiki has bought upon our sweet asses!


A Very Shitty Beginning[edit]

Accurate comparison

It was originally from FANDOM Wikia and was founded in July 27, 2018 by some spergy rando who goes by Inky100 who stupidly implemented it with no fucking rules at all, causing it to turn into a shitting-hole infested with 20 word pages chock-full of butthurt rage and autistic screeching. But it got shortly shut down during PKMNLivesNew incident on September 2018 and as a result, it was re-founded on Miraheze in November 19, 2018. The wiki isn't part of the Mainline Reception community or Outcast Network. It's more-so independent like Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki. Still this doesn't change the fact it is utter dogshit and without the help of a wiki faction, it had a high chance of rotting and being left in the dust.

It was once a small wiki pathetically cobbled together with the old FANDOM remnants, making it the size of a single molecule of piss with only Mar8122 and Theresnoname in control. But then, more admins and a near-unstoppable wave of trollfeed Calhouns like Princess Eva, JeagerEX, YazGirlToonFan, Princess-Josie-Riki as well as a locust swarm of Go!Faggots like SpongeBobAndDoraRules begun contributing to the wiki and made a total of 80 cow shit pages with at an average of 5 petty reasons at least and NO DAMN TEMPLATES USED, turning that single wankstain into a full-blown junkyard overflowing with all sorts of crap. All was peaceful at first, until the dreaded FRIENDLYMRGUY came!!! Oh noes! He made an alt that impersonated me! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! FUCK YOU FRIENDLYMRBITCH!!! Friendlymrguy the bitch! Get the fuck out of here! REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!111

The War Against Friendlymrguy[edit]

Pain Lord

Once upon a time, a fellow by the name of Friendlymrguy started his first steps on DeviantArt. When he was around, he would go around the site and cause mischief anywhere he'd go, and while doing so, people noticed the trail he left there. People would see it, and instead of ignoring it or drinking the lulz it had, they decided to fall for his traps, making themselves look like faggots in the process. Time went on, and then one day, the admins of DA decided to sledge the banhammer on Mrguy, ending his rampage once in for all there. People thought justice was served, and he wouldn't continue on like this ever again! But that was until either Mrguy himself, or someone else avenging him came back, and afterwards, no matter how many times DA slayed him, he'd come back to life! And this went on for a long time, and is still going on to this day. While he or someone else avenging him continued the rampage he once made, ADW came along, and saw his trail of chaos too! Everyone saw him, some fed into it, others cried like little babies at it, but ADW wasn't having it. Soon enough, they started to document his rampage, and what he left there! And they wanted him arrested for his so called crimes! But sadly, they fucked up- they fed the troll! Now let's debunk their idiotic reasons!

ADW: On TheBlackestNegro alt account, he uses an image of the gorilla as his both profile picture and Deviant ID.

Response: Waaaaah!!! Did comparing niggers to gorillas offend you, you should be more offended by gorillas being compared to niggers!

ADW: He stole Nugget420-BiWg's (Now NuggetTheBalloonGirl) OC character without her permission. He edited it by putting her in a Nazi SS uniform, he put her with a fictional black character calling it her slave, and even drew Nugget getting shot with a gun. However, he harassed Nugget again on a newer account where he drew her smoking a cigarette and dressed as Hitler. This is very inappropriate towards young children.

Response: NuggetTheBalloonGirl is a filthy disgusting pedophile who falls for almost every troll, she deserves be trolled and bullied at every opportunity, faggot.

ADW: He uses different countries and hobbies in his sockpuppet accounts that he made. He does that to just get attention to himself and evade his ban.

Response: How the fuck is that even a reason!?

ADW: If you block one of his fake accounts, he would create and use another one to just avoid being blocked.

Response: Of fucking course he would, he is a troll after all Captain Obvious(es).

ADW: He also supports KittyGemAmazon23's hated DC couple, Wonderbat (Batman x Wonder Woman). He made Eva livid after saying it all over.

Response: No one cares about your triggers you street-shitting pajeet cunt, its the internet and you'll get trolled for being such a massive fucking lolcow.

What is Atrocious Deviants Wiki?[edit]

"DeviantART is a website intended to be used as a virtual portfolio, showcasing artwork from thousands of users worldwide. However, it was purchased by Wix and slowly became a social networking site along the lines of Twitter and Facebook, losing much of its value as an artwork sharing website/digital portfolio and became infested with people who would call themselves "anti-SJW". A portion of the user base is either people with mental disabilities, or people who think DA is a viable alternative to Facebook. This isn't a majority of the users that use DeviantArt, but is a very vocal portion of the users. It's been shown that the users who are problematic tend to stay away from the real artists for the most part, aware that if they tried to bother an artist with any kind of following they'd get figuratively burned alive by that artist's following. ADW's purpose is only to showcase the worst of the worst." --Front quote of the wiki

Accurate representation of Atrocious Deviants Wiki

GalaxyRailways2199ville or Atrocious Deviants Wiki in a politically-correct fashion is a totalitarian SJW-run far-leftist dystopian crapsack attack article-infested dump farm located on the radioactive wasteland that is Miraheze itself with even less sanity and human rights than even the dreaded disgusting drama-ridden lunar landscape that is Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. It is best known for causing a shitload of drama so bad that even the admins' mental health got incredibly badly damaged from it. Their typical users are butthurt autistic manbabies who can't go for 5 seconds without raging at an obvious troll, and almost every admin there either goes AWOL, gets unfairly demoted or is some far-leftist soyboy/feminazi simp/incel/femcel.

This utter shithole is infamous for it's incredibly low-quality pages. What this means is that on a lot of the pages, there are only a few points there are there, and they don't have citations to these points. In other words, a lot of these pages are biased, and these biased pages clog the damn wiki like someone pushing a fat, festering putrid shit through their wretched butthole and into an unlucky toilet bowl, but the shit is the low-quality pages, and the toilet is the shithole of a wiki itself. Not all of the pages on this wiki are complete shit though, as there are a few gems here and there, like for instance, the page on SwaggieVortex733 (SwaggiePussy). While pages like these have some issues, like grammar issues, a little bit of bias, overall, they can expose the true nature of people, whereas a lot of shitty pages discredit people for certain things that NO ONE gives an utter fuck about, like not having a good Deviant ID, posting content that isn't for kids, and much more, and are basically just articles that are meant to ruin the reputation and self-esteem of the people they are exposing for things that no one would care about. Sometimes the wiki is so shit, joke pages created on innocent people who simply do fetishes and shit can even earn their own pages for no damn reason!

Falling For Trolls[edit]

WubbaWankStain and his pals be ready to recruit IncestLove124 to troll the shit outta Atrocious Deviants Wiki

Friendlymrguy wasn't the only troll ADW fell for. There were also other trolls that this wiki would fall for, such as rabid preschool show fanboy PablotheCailloufan24, the rabid Bluto-ripoff hate artist Payton009, the Cube Demon SJW hate artist and compulsive anti-shipper WubbaWankStain69, the gore-spamming, hate art-makin' black supremacist JamesGang100, batshit insane betrayer and art thief troll RosesStella, and probably a shitload of trolls that are so obvious a young teen wouldn't been fall for them. While it is understandable that some trolls can be bad, a lot of them are meant for shits and giggles, and are obviously meant for getting attention, too, so bring them up is only going to fuel their spree of chaos and trouble, and they'll continue to poke at sensitive widdle faggots and get a rise out of the retarded masses. Plus, they also show huge levels of hatred towards other, to a point in which they want certain deviants banned or arrested for their actions, even when their actions aren't banworthy, or arrest-worthy, either!! The only people who deserve to be banned or arrested are those who commit actual crimes, like animal abusers such as Peluchin Entertainment, who literally beat his cat to death, and threw two new kittens down a toilet that was dirty! This shows how much of an A-Logger this site can truly be, and it makes Anthony Logatto look like nothing compared to this wiki. Oh yeah and fun fact: WubbaWankstain has 100 REASONS on his page when its all just rabid anti-shipping, hate art, spamming and troll shit while confirmed abuser PeluchinEnter only has 14 puny reasons on his page!

Autistic A-Logging[edit]

Basically the comments at almost every Atrocious Deviants Wiki's pages and their military's rage

Another trend with ADW is it's A-Logging. Basically, whenever there's a user that ADW doesn't like, it's inhabitants will show huge and disproportionate levels of hatred for the people they try to expose for their sins, such as wishing they were either banned or arrested for things that aren't even worth getting banned or arrested for, like with the Friendlymrguy article, which is probably one of the biggest examples of A-Logging on the wiki. One of the categories this article is listed in says "Deviants That Deserve To Be Arrested", and the reasons for him to have that category listed under him are completely petty! They're trolls! They're meant to get a rise out of you! To be fair, some trolls can go too far and do disgusting, deplorable shit that should warrant them an arrest, but most of the time, trolls are meant for the lulz! They aren't meant to harm people in any way, shape or form. These people only make other A-Loggers look like nothing compared to them, and it shows how this wiki has become a breeding ground for lolcows.


The A̶d̶m̶i̶n̶s̶ Dicktators[edit]

  • Idl3Tinkr - Worst admin ever and the original GalaxyRailways2199 white knight.
  • Motoko - Edgelord anime queen who thinks she is Motoko Kusanagi. LETS HAVE FUCKING SEX WITH HER TITTIES.
  • Imtheaura - Random furry dood who runs WeBeingJustice. LAME!
  • Big Claudia - Vore-loving Wanda-ripoff recolor OC fairy who is obsessed over her long tail. *Note: Was in cahoots with Angry-Signs on a Fandom wikia to create a retarded game on fetish haters.

Mechanized Slaves[edit]

  • ElSherlock - Silent guy that can do tons of works and never talks much. No one knows much about him so yeah. Meh.
  • Botbuster - Random BFDI fanboy who is a fan of GlazeSugarNavalBlock but calls out and dislikes his A-Logging against the equally retarded Just Wage.

Gone AWOL[edit]

Jeager's reaction to people drawing porn out of his OCs. LMFAO btw, luv that drawing Stuprum did!
  • JeagerEX - A 30-year-old autistic Pinoy manchild who goes on DeviantSHART everyday to post his uncreative OCs THAT MUST BE 100% SFW! NO DRAWING NSFW OF MY OCS OR I WILL BLOCK AND REPORT YOU!!!!! Used to always fall for trolls and especially the legendary Stuprum but sadly he toughened up and learnt how to deal with the so we don't get to drink his precious lulz nowadays tho his Engrish is pretty hilarious at times. He also makes some excellent vent art you can see on the right.
  • Cauldipower - Thin-skinned Racist ass idiot 14-year old lolcalf kid (DOX: Ayden Mowry) with no second thoughts. Back then, he's a noob on Miraheze since Rotten Websites Wiki and made drama with GethN7 for lolcow behavior. He was very infamous on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki for defending toxic communities, especially Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. Now that he's an admin after Mar8122's disappearance, he destroyed his legacy by deleting old pages for being false and autistically goes like "THEY'RE INNOCENT!!!". Great, another Mar's permanent grudgers. Also, he got banned, twice, for joining an alt-right server. How curious. Annnd he got banned again for using slurs on Toxic Fandoms Wiki and is now having a grudge on us, Again. He still had sysop status on ADW but he quit Miraheze forever soooo yeah Nope, he's back on Miraheze again!
  • Boomaster74 - Some random dood suffering from autism and ADHD. Last seen on September and barely contributed yet somehow got admin position. Wonder how the fuck he still has sysop status to this very day when he is clearly an incompetent lazy fuck. Peenos.
  • Mar9122 - The naive co-founder of Atrocious YouTubers Wiki and a former YouTuber that caused a one-man drama with three faggots. On Miraheze is a different story because when Chaofun is gone, he became a leader and conned “The Outcast Network” right after Masson Thief told him to fuck off. Afterwards, he became an arrogant “war hero” bastard to his friends and his enemies, especially Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. After it’s closure, Encylopedia Dramatica raped him and nowadays people hate him. Poor poor sod. His whereabouts are currently unknown but it has been rumored he is GasMask217/KillerPyro/WomblingAmber/Wamingo123.

Demoted Sad Sods[edit]

  • Popzikles - A severely autistic and the second angriest and moodiest admin of all time after Portrock1566 and he too also originates from FANDOM but surprise surprise! He is a Wikipedian faggot too, the second one after FinesseFinnish and not to mention rumored to be a former EDiot who managed to create a page so damn good the admins praised him! Basically, he is good as fuck with templates and can easily create the groundworks for excellent wikis pretty well but most of the time he is busy roasting and bullying the fuck out of M1ssRa1nb0w and her autistic fanbase while excessively fapping to his Hazbin Hotel waifus, especially his favorite: Vivzie herself. PROTIP: To insta-trigger that Hazbin Hotel fantard, show him malicious p0rn of Vivienne Medrano or some other animator he likes, than he'll rage like never before! He used to be improving the wiki in autistic ways and making A-LOG Comments on many pages, but after he objected to Galaxy's tyrannical command, he got BTFO of the wiki and humiliated on the Discord making him depressed for a week or so. It has been said that his unfair demotion was one of the first steps in ADW's ultimate downfall. But now he lurks in Discord and has started a business empire composed of ADW rejects who were sick of ADW's shit rule and it has somehow become equal in rank to KillerPyro's Haven in just 2 months while he made himself the Dicktator of his Discord like a boss! Later sad boi got his brain extracted by MagnumDong and when Magnum was done not only did he put moar evidence but he also dropped his Monster Condom that he uses for his Magnum Dong.
  • Theresnoname - Random Indonesian boi nigga (NOT RAMADHAN1A) with an irrational and frankly pretty obsessive hatred towards Islamophobes and Preschool Show Haters while he chugs down shit like Oggy and the Cockroaches, Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt and Smash Bros Lawl. He only founded this shithole just so he could get revenge against the preschool show hater sperglords and tard conduits and make them bow down on his command (FUN FACT: Tards will obey any wiki, so as long it has not received enough criticism and looks retarded enough in their eyes). He used to be the owner of the wiki and let all these rampant attack pages flourish until he finally realized he fucked up and was basically giving a dying corpse unfair life so he ragequit and retreated back to his DA account.
  • Voltuse - Some Azn bitch who is also the best waifu and a zappingly best jelly girl who stayed on a kitchen more than bullshit. LAME-O!!! Also worships shitty animes like Shit Live!, Shitdori (especially when it comes to a slice of cheese and a certain thot that must not be named anywhere), and now Shitphogear. She got fed up of Galaxy's fucktarded bullshit and sent a resignation message to the entire staff, but it was later deleted and she got BTFO by Motoko.

Ordinary Fucks (including Discord users)[edit]

  • KittyGemAmazon23 - Mentally disabled street shitting Indian girl and compulsive rager suffering from insane levels of Assburgers who contributes lots tio the wiki. PROTIP: To make her erupt like Krakatau, simply post Wonder Woman X Batman (or Wonderbat as she calls it) pics on her profile and watch the tard rage commence.
  • Mebrouk - A spergy Muslim 14-year-old Smelly Algerian Wanker who was does nothing but make shitty Polandball Art and Hate Art of his worst enemies Pablo and Wubba. He is a bratty entitled Muzlamic Freakazoid with an incredible magnum hateboner for preschool shows and constantly makes art of them getting killed, roasted, flame-grilled and more in his ridiculous artstyle. He is utterly incapable of dealing with trolls and got 3 accounts banned thanks to sperging the fuck out when Wubba and Pablo spammed the shit out of him.
  • Tom556-Trench888 - Mexican-American rando who likes Fallout,Minecraft,Kaiju,and Hazbin Hotel, he also has shitty grammar but is a shitposter and memer like the rest of the DeviantART (Also worships Tom Trench and Vault Boy).
  • JDM4678 - Militant anti-furry who is obsessed with guns, killing and shit. Celebrated when the zoo animal Echidamu got permabanned from the wiki for her atrocious past and idiotic behavior on the site.
  • Ivan1997Miraheze - Random Russian d00d who goes 'round with Botbuster and Onyxswagger constantly updating SquadHater2002's page while being general Those Guys. Meh.

Banned Fuckers[edit]

  • DeltaGem - Raging Blaire White fanboy who exposed a shitton of sick fuck pedophiles like ComradeDeath, Survivor-For-NOMAPs, Akhnaton-II and most importantly the Adam and Steve of retardation, WubbaWankStain69 and IncestLove124. Helped expose Galaxy's hypocrisy, stupidity and bullshit like a boss but fucking retard Idl3Tinkr was too stupid to realize it. Was forgiven somewhere near the end but was later BTFO by Motoko who took Tinkr's place as Galaxy's white knight and his ban caused many people to jump ship.
  • Tribond Kuba - An angry nigga who is best known for helping support the crusade against the dastardly K9-Aversion and promoting anti dog-abuse. Helped expose Galaxy's hypocrisy, stupidity and bullshit like a boss but fucking retard Idl3Tinkr was too stupid to realize it. Got unfairly banned 2 times in a row and decided to ragequit ADW after having to deal with too much Galaxy-loving bullshit.
  • Metalhead123 - Asspie girl who allegedly got abused by Galaxy in the past when she was a minor into erotic roleplays together with Destinys-Failure, she later chastised the mods real hard but as usual GalaxyRailways2199 white knights never listen. She bets Galaxy, the shit mods and Taylor all weigh 10000 kilos and smells like rotten watermelons.
  • Khai2000 - Vietnamese Guerilla Fighter whose ancestors fought for North Vietnam and he has fucking terrible grammar but is otherwise a rather tard-ish yet kinda smart boi. He got spammed with death threats, racial slurs and much worse by Galaxy, but as usual Khai got banned unfairly while Galaxy got away 'cause she got hacked or something as she said!
  • Paprika - Blackass Hispanic nigga from the legendary Isle of Panama who was one of the many calling out Galaxy and her idiotic behavior, but sadly he got so stressed after intense questioning from Motoko that he bailed after 2 damn minutes and had to rest for the whole day. Poor, poor sod...
  • Ramandhan1a - The Southeast Asian kid nigga (other one being Theresnoname), he is an admin here on this wiki. (He's from Indonesia specifically). Also he called out Motoko and Tinkr on their BS yet Rama was swiftly BTFO of the ADW Discord after defending Swaggie and trying to speak out against Galaxy's idiotic behavior including her sending threats to TheInterneto.
  • SwaggieVortex733 - A woman with insane amounts of Assburgers who was a victim of Galaxy's bullshit incident and she had tried to warn the dictators about her past wars and didn't work, thus making Swaggie a scapegoat she wasn't intended. The article against her ended up being made by Motoko. It also happened when SwaggieVortex733 escaped from the ADW server on Discord plus the wiki itself. She knew that the shit like this would happen from the get-go before the whole war happened.
  • Echidamu - Raging autistic pansexual SJW who claims that she is a mixture of every race in the world and constantly gets into mentally retarded slapfights on the Net which usually results in her leaving and being super salty. Another one of the many autistic furfags that roam the shitty site DeviantArt that loves to start shit and act innocent in the end when people bitch to her about it. As far as her drawings go, the Lupus Sapiens, people have come to the realization that they're nothing but shitty Geodudes in disuguise that have the bodies of wolves. Unsurprisingly, she has a page on Encylopedia Dramatica which you can view here.
  • Zenko - first originated from here. she was an introvert bitch who is a shitty kink shamer. She thinks that AnthroArtCreations is not innocent he totally is, bro for drawing porn. She also always assumed that Anthro drew rape and destroyed his brother's huge arse, when his brother technically committed suicide.
  • HalJordan008 - Voltuse whooped his ass big time for defending a dead nigga Hitler.
  • Mangelo212 - A Filipignoy putang ina conservatard right-wing Islamophobe who was responsible for writing the Nayzak page on this wiki. he writes it due to his tardrage on him. however, Mangelo himself, even before joining ADW, acts no better than Nayzak by actually A-Logging on him. further research reveals that he has insanely huge flaws that makes him worse than Hitler Nayzak, and falls into the same way as Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto and Michael Hirtes, who were A-Logging on Chris-Chan, with many of their flaws that makes themselves no better or worse than her (formerly him).
  • And many more people who either had the balls to stand up against Galaxy, various innocent Anti-SJWs, innocents who slightly leaned right in any form and a fuckton of faggots who either made the wiki shit (Zenko and Echidamu). Basically, a FUCKTON of people.

Atrocious Deviants Wiki gets Coronavirus, AIDS and Ebola[edit]


I've seen better tits on Blaire White, even Boogie2988 has better tits.

In late 2019 or Early 2020 the awesome edgelord known as DelaGem made an article on Alex, of course when the sod found out he created an account called Ihateallofyou and started to attention whore for sympathy, leftist fucktards like ThunderSnowWolf and MisterSnakeBite would come and suck his std ridden tranny dick.

More can be read about this autistic dumb fuck here.

Beginning: Idl3Tinkr went full SJW[edit]

Before Idl3Tinkr making this page, he reading "How Alt-Rightie Conservative went Gone to Far" by Amy Samson and "Cock and Ball Tortune Advanced Guide" by Mar Daldon, to proving it that DeltaGem was a cunt.

Flame War 1: DeltaGem and Anti-SJW Rage[edit]

Flame War 2: Idl3Tinkr the fucking retard[edit]

Damn right, Tribond
Galaxy is such a sick-minded fucka

Flame War 3: Popzikles sorts things out[edit]

Cry moar, SJW far-leftist loon


Oops, Galaxy was Super-AIDS[edit]


Sadly, not even a global block could save ADW from being fucked up by Galaxy yet again
Get fucking roasted you narcissistic tranny bitch

The Fucking Downfall[edit]

Are you fucking nuts?! They held their shitty wiki for a year until in March 14, 2020, Wombling decided to join their wiki for friends, but they're so strict they told him to fuck off because they're more-so business people than "No Fun Allowed" type of shit. They banned him for thinking he's a troll and this happened.

Part 1: Reception Wiki D-Day[edit]

On the fateful day of March 14th 2020, ThePackagedReviewer and Doctor Venuz have decided to declare total war against the entire Reception Wiki Family, parts of The Outcast Network, Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki and most importantly the shitholes that are the Deviant Wikis. The reception Wikis, having lived in decadence of being Anti-SJWs fighting against the cancer that is Anti-Gamergate, and stupidity along with reeling from the drama Zenko and several other shitheads caused, were unprepared for the massive fight and were all utterly fucking shattered during the war, with some wikis making out badly burnt while others were barely hanging on. Hardest hit was Atrocious Deviants Wiki, which was exposed for falling for WubbaWankStain69, Payton009 and PablotheCailloufan25, having tons of stupid drama and reasons, along with being a general shithole as a whole. It did not help that the wiki has just entered the second phase of attack against hordes of angry Anti-SJWs, who have all lost faith in ADW, thanks to GalaxyRailways2199 taking hold of it once more, getting good admins like Popzikles pushed aside and manipulating mods to her bidding all to create a shitty page on her nemesis DeltaGem. As Delta has roasted the wiki very hard before, the wiki experience catastrophic losses and was nearly wiped out of Miraheze as a result, with troll raids and flame wars everyday. Everyone is fucking pissed, especially the Anti-SJWs and most importantly DeltaGem himself.

Get rekt, Atrocious Deviants Wiki!

Yep, that's right. One video that made ADW go nuts and they actually got their criticism right! Ramadhan1a is on fire! Cuz of this, they immediately fall apart as they realized their articles are filled with poor quality troll shit. Admins are becoming gullible to manipulative trolls, they ban almost everyone, users are quitting en masse, corruption as in blaming users for causing drama rather themselves. So yeah, ADW has been finally exposed as a waddling dumpster fire filled with so much shit it would take months to completely clean up, along with stupid drama that can be easily solved by permabanning bunn/Galaxy. They should have shut down the wiki like Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki did, but nope! They try to fix it and it gets worse, so much drama happens it is literally fucking insane!!!

Part 2: Trolls Be Mad[edit]

What she gets after being such an asswipe

Now that Atrocious Deviants Wiki has officially become an irredeemable SJW cesspool that only panders to the one and only GalaxyRailways2199, literally almost everyone went apeshit over this and DeltaGem made tons of new journals exposing the wiki's hypocrisy in an expert style, amassing tons of favorites and utterly shattering Tinkr, Motoko and Aura's reputations. This drama has gotten so great that one man from Australia had enough, his name is Autistic Dumb Fuck's Nightmare and to respect his almighty presence, we'll let the madlad introduce himself first.

  I am a 39 year old Aussie Fox hunter who hops from Isle to Isle I have a vacation home in New Zealand and Tasmania.
  I live out in the wilderness with my WiFi, I'm currently in NZ since the mainland is a blaze. Hopefully I can open up an ETSY shop for the fox skins I catch.
  No thanks to commie Autistic Dumb Fucks from places like the furry community and Peta It's hard for me to turn a profit.

And because of all the bullshit Galaxy has caused, now an army of trolls from Encyclopedia Dramatica have decided to come after her sorry sjw butthurt tranny ass and she got an entire hate video dedicated to her boyfriend and herself. LOL! And guess what, the trolls have decided to launch raids on the shitty wiki, and made an imposter account of Galaxy on the wiki, going on a massive vandalism spree and making it look like she defends pedophiles and zoophiles!

Galaxy! This is what happens when you start more shit ya filthy cunt! Now a hate vid of you and your cuckold boyfriend has been made!

Part 3: The Great Admin Purge[edit]

Delta being obsessive? When it was Galaxy who admits to doing everything for her sick game!

Well now Popzikles was very, very mad at the wiki having its reputation dropping like mad thanks to the combined attack of DeltaGem and ThePackagedReviewer and Galaxy's bullshit sufficiently angering the powerhouse that is Encyclopedia Dramatica. He got really angry, and took to DA where he and DeltaGem begun having loud drunken rants together while they roasted Galaxy hard and sympathized with Fred-104-Centurion who sadly left the Reception Wikis thanks to Galaxy's SJW bullshit ruining it for him. When he came back to the Discord, the admins got fucking pissed at him, tho it was mostly Galaxy, and then she got Motoko to demote poor sod Popzikles and after that, our ice cream man got so upset and depressed he begun crying a river but no, he retreated, any hope of him running a site he can use to spread his viewpoints have been completely tossed out of the window since Galaxy fucked everything up and dunked a truckload of cancerous bluepills on the site. He left the server in a fit of rage and everyone thought he was finally dead.

Nope. He's still alive, as always. Expect that from a autistic madman. He tried reasoning with many of his old friends that left him after his demotion but he somehow won them back. Then he got mad, and decided to create a server on Discord with his friends only! It rapidly evolved from a small little hideout to a corporate-esque political chamber constantly debunked every shitty thing Galaxy has done that grew bigger and bigger by each passing minute. Rogues and castaways flocked to Popz after they got sick of Galaxy's new tyrannical order that was plaguing the wiki- making his server stronger and stronger. It was kept private, but then- who knows what went on in there.

Part 4: The First Shutdown[edit]

After the Popzikles incident, the admins all decided ADW was not worth keeping, admins are leaving, going AWOL, or being generally shit and all the attack pages were so much it could take months just to clear them all up. After some careful consideration, Motoko decided to shut down the wiki, but what does Galaxy do? She doesn't give a shit and continues to laze on her reclaimed throne while she gets Theresnoname and Popzikles to give that selfish troon feet massages! What a lazy and ungrateful bitch, she doesn't even thank the admins despite them Thanos snapping half of the userbase and destroying a shitton of admins as well as sacrificing a wiki with great potential!

Part 5: GalaxyRailways2199 The Bullshit-Chugging Factory[edit]

Basically every ADW hater at that point, especially DeltaGem

By now, GalaxyRailways has made everyone fuming mad with the masterpiece she got Motoko to create: a personal drama page on DeltaGem which was basically only a mistake he made years ago and all his justified anger against that butthurt Jessica Yaniv-defending furfag TRANNY. Literally almost every save for a few LiberalTarded faggots like MisterSnakebite now hate GalaxyRailways and Atrocious Deviants Wiki, including The Outcast Network, a legion of 4Channers sick of her bullshit, a shit ton of Anti-SJWs and even the Fox Hunter and his friends from Encyclopedia Dramatica. The situation was so shit that even we FuckaRoo Niggers at Fun Shitposting decided to create the page!

At that time, Galaxy now fucking regrets creating that damn page of DeltaGem and she finally fucking realized she should have listened to Popzikles himself. So she begged for Motoko to delete it, but by then Motoko has become 110% Galaxy Protector and she even refused to delete it even though it was Galaxy who started it, how is Delta even obsessed when it was that bitch Galaxy who started it by making shitty YT vids and starting cancel culture campaigns against DeltaGem! In desperation, she somehow got TheInterneto so she could raid Popzikles's brand new business empire private Discord he made out of desperation to quickly reorganize his friends so she could apologize to Pops, DeltaGem, Tribond and the rest of the people sick and tired of her leftist transtrender SJW politics along with her idiotic cancel culture campaigns. BIG MISTAKE!

Literally every fucking person in the server went apeshit on her while edgy furfag XiaolongDrake was threatening suicide if they didn't stop while quoting some random character from his favorite series or something every 5 seconds! DeltaGem goes absolute SICKO MODE and roasts, flame-grills, spitfires and utterly and completely roasts the fuck out of bunnbitch in his blazing firestorming hellferno with proof so concrete it hit Galaxy harder than the meteor that hit Earth 65 million years ago did!


The 4 Horsemen of Atrocious Deviants Wiki

After a short moment of peace, the remaining 4 dictators thought it will be safe to reopen their GalaxyRailways shithole pit and keep their shitty drama page on DeltaGem while deleting Galaxy's page as she is a poor widdle oppressed tranny uwu!!!1 But nope, it did not work as the wiki still endured constant heavy bombardment and users have started to leave the wiki en masse after all that drama. Rama, Kesner and a bunch of other people tried reasoning with the admins, but they were either too lazy, incompetent or a massive fucking Galaxy white knight that constantly makes excuses for her idiotic SJW batshit behavior every fucking time such as saying she wuz hacked or some other Kero the Wolf-level fucking bullshit.

The wiki continued deteriorating everyday and was now in permanent self-destruct mode as it continuously made shitty and low quality articles on users that have betrayed the site, such as Swaggie--Vortex (who is no longer still a piece of fucking autistic shit with pedophilic tendencies) and while permabanning users who dared try to argue that Galaxy was not their god emperor of ADWkind but in reality a disgusting fucking furfag SJW transtrender piece of festering garbage. And damn, the wiki's hatedom swelled and swelled every fucking day! Raids were almost becoming a daily occurrence and so much pain- oh how could some random furfag cause 2 rounds of such torturous hell to an unwitting wiki with shit admins so naive to believe everything an atrocious user says!!!


In the end Atrocious Deviants Wiki finally shut down for good on April 2020 after their userbase declined like mad and they become universally known as an abysmal dump farm pandering only to the shameless scum of the Internet (AKA: Social Justice Warriors), everyone hated it, so much so Fred-104-Centurion left the Reception Wikis forever, everyone lost trust in the others sadly and the admins (except for those that were screwed over) had their reputations utterly shattered all to save an ungrateful SJW furry transtrender piece of shit. It was turned into an absolute laughing stock and almost all their resources were spent to giving their lord and savior GalaxyRailways2199 foot massages, hot chocolate and many more goodies which obviously never fucking satisfied her greedy troon ass. Fucking bitch, this is why SJWs must be eradicated from the net- they're a disgusting plague that needs to be exterminated without mercy.

The ADW fanclub in its last 2 months of life[edit]


Another Message From The Fox Hunter[edit]

We just received our latest transmission from the legend that is Autistic Dumb Fuck's Nightmare, champion fox hunter of Australia and New Zealand! The madlad himself has one last vid for all you flaming faggots! Enjoy bitches, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Go sob in a fucking fire, disgusting diaper pedo furfags. Hope all you zoo animals get AIDS

Any last words?[edit]

Here are some thankful last words GalaxyRailways2199 had to say after the Discord got shut down!
Everyone is a fool in your eyes ya fucking bitch! He was right on the pedos ya fuckin' fool. And you're the biggest degenerate of them all. Wishing death on everyone, huh? Hypocrisy to the max! BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

In Conclusion[edit]


Somewhere just before the permanent closure of the site, a user named SonicShadow98 has replaced the logo with a picture of George W. Bush with Jazzy hair.
  • 81.8% of Atrocious Deviants Wiki users have little to no knowledge of coding in MediaWiki!
  • The wiki spent its first 9 months of its miserable life without even a user-created template!
  • 85% of the pages are either complete garbage, troll feed or plain bad and ridden with false information.
  • Just going near it could potentially make you smell furry fox shit and commie jizz.
  • This shithole of a wiki is also where Inkster revealed he has an inflation fetish.
  • The only real commanders of this dumpster fire are a bunch of LiberalTarded Commie Dumb Fucks, both Galaxyrailways2199 and Destinys-Failure MisterSnakebite along with their friends pushing their ridiculous SJW cancel culture campaigns against innocent conservatives.
  • When I eat Flex Paste, myyyyyyyyyy lips get stuck.
  • If Galaxy did not make that shitty page on DeltaGem, the wiki would have still be standing. Never underestimate the wrath of Anti-SJWs, faggot.
  • As my mother has always said, SJWs Ruin Everything.
  • Ironically, after the shutdown of this site, DeviantSHART itself trashed the old theme and force the Eclipse theme (which also fucking plagiarizes the ArtStation layout!) on May 20th, 2020.
  • Gender is biological not mental retardation.
  • These fucktards think trolls like Wubba and Payton deserve more atrocious reasons that real life-criminals like PeluchinEnter!
  • When Galaxy started the second round of drama and got a page on Delta while getting poor sod Popzikles fired from his job, a huge amount of people left Atrocious Deviants Wiki.
  • After the first round of drama, Galaxy should have been perma-banned and BTFO of the Discord as she already caused enough bullshit with her stupid excuses and damaged the wiki's reputation severely. The other admins (especially Tinkr and Motoko)'s decision to let her in once more and let that bitch create a page on DeltaGem (even though the wiki was heavily damaged and in shambles from his repeated attacks) was the worst mistake the wiki has ever made and subsequent idiotic decisions such as rampant Galaxy asskissing and bootlicking only fucked the wiki up even moar.
  • When Delta's page was made, the wiki's reputation dropped by OVER 9000!!!
  • The ADW admins' drama handling skills are on par with that of typical furfags.
  • Most ADW users are too mentally retarded to even spot the most obvious of trolls.
  • The main audience of ADW used to be CalhounFaggot tards like JeagerEX and KittyGemAmazon23 but after Galaxy's second round of drama they all left and got upset or were oblivious to this.
  • When ADW moved far-left, the SJWs of DA like deadstamps and NummyPixels gave no shits at all despite being far-leftists like Galaxy. So much for pandering to the scum of the internet. SJWs have no souls and fucking ruin everything anyways.
    • Oh wait, they didn't support ADW as Galaxy is a pedophilic scat-lovin' zoophilic, Jessica Yaniv-defending tucute transtrender. Barely anyone but MisterSnakebite the far-leftist Corbynite faggot supports GalaxyRailways2199 as they get raging hardons by callin' innocent conservatives Nazis.
  • Even the founder of the wiki, Theresnoname, regretted refounding the wiki in Miraheze that he wishes he didn't rebuilded the wiki in first place, and or wishing that if time machine exist, then he can go back to that time in order to preventing the rebuilding of the wiki happened.
  • Until Inkster came along, they used to have a shitty hate page about fetish art, and then Ink and another user pointed out how fetishes are too controversial to have a goddamn page, so Voltuse yeeted the page off of the face of the universe.

See Also[edit]


  1. GlazeSugarNavalBlock's awesome journal that roasted the fuck out of the dump farms that are most reception wikis
  2. ADW exposed, bitches
  3. ADW just keeps failing hard at not sucking Galaxy's girldick, doesn't it?
  4. Oh Galaxy, you just looove to fail!
  5. ADW quality control is always shit, as expected